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What counting scale do I need for inventory?

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If you only need counting scales during inventory or peak-use periods, our counting scale rental program may be the right solution for you. You also save maintenance and storage costs while selecting the exact scales needed from our extensive inventory. We can help you choose the right scale choices for your individual rental requirements. The results will help you achieve an accurate and efficient physical inventory.

Here are a few key pointers to consider. First, the item(s) you are counting must be uniform in weight. No counting scale will ever work if there is a significant variation in the weight of the items. Also, generally the larger the initial sample (100 pieces versus 5 pieces) the better results the counting scale can provide since it averages out any variations in the piece weights. However, counting out 100 pieces can lead to human error if you're not careful.

DON’T RENT A COUNTING SCALE WITH TOO MUCH CAPACITY! Often rental customers will rent a counting scale with more maximum capacity than they typically will be needing. The reason: "I want to be able weigh my two or three larger items that I have to count." If 75% of the time you will be counting no more than 10 lbs of parts at a time, a 10 lb. capacity counting scale is the ideal choice as opposed to a 50 lb. capacity scale since you may be sacrificing resolution so you can have a larger capacity.
















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